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It all began in 2013, when the founder Sravan, a student who flew thousands of miles away from home, daydreamed about getting home like cooked meals where he wanted and whenever he wanted. It was hard to fetch the groceries, prep them, and cook the meals while managing the studies and maintaining an active social life. He always imagined how great it would be if meal prep and dishes were removed from the life equation. Yes, there were many food deliveries, but nothing ever matched the experience of a home-like meal which is economical at the same time. It did not happen over a snap! Things do not go at warp speed ever in real life. With a lot of turmoil, sweat, and blood (not to exaggerate tears), Crashmeal came into existence with its Crashmeal MealBox. Remarkable goodness which comes in a box that is economical and delivered to where you are!

What is CRASHMEAL Mealbox?

The Crashmeal Mealbox is a beautifully crafted gourmet box of restaurant cooked meals with the flavor of homecooked goodness. Crashmeal works with its Partner restaurants to curate the CRASHMEAL Mealbox, which is a combination of two or more home-style cooked dishes. Each creation of Crashmeal MealBox is unique, packed with flavor, and inspired by the best. You can subscribe to the CRASHMEAL Mealbox weekly or monthly with Crashmeal Mealpass or simply just order one. Your Crashmeal Mealbox will be delivered to any designated location you choose.

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